A new year is the perfect time to explore fresh design ideas, including color palettes for the kitchen and bathroom. Discover just how stunning décor elements like your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets can be with the trends set to heat up in 2016.

Color Your World

The dominance of gentle winter colors in rose, purple, gray, blue-mauve and blue-red tones will carry over from last year. Romantic in mood, these shades pair well with the Scandinavian design influences likely to become widespread as 2016 unfolds. One member of this color family, grays infused with warm tones, will be used in tandem with sunny shades like yellow.

Psychologically, blues and greens have always held a reputation as being the most soothing in the color wheel. This year, they will also take center stage as hot design trends – with shades ranging from emerald to teal, and even multi-faceted hues like blue-green.

Much like outdated rules for color in fashion have changed – the old adage, “no white after Labor Day,” is largely dismissed now – seasonal rules for color in home design have gone by the wayside. Hues once associated with specific seasons and holidays are now being used in permanent design schemes. Shades positioned to gain popularity in 2016 for pieces like kitchen cupboards and bathroom walls cabinets are warm and earthy, mimicking autumnal symphonies of gold, plum and burgundy.

With the rising popularity of organic foods and farm-to-table dining, it was perhaps inevitable that colors inspired by those in nature would rise in popularity. 2016 ushers in this development, making shades of olive, rose and aqua central to kitchen and bathroom décor schemes. For the time being, at least, bold primary hues will take a backseat.

Merging Spaces

2016’s Most Dazzling Design Ideas

2016’s Most Dazzling Design Ideas

Kitchens will step up in home owners’ minds and become one with the primary living space. This transition feels natural, as this room has long been considered the heart of the home. Helping it along are pieces like hidden or cleverly integrated appliances, as well as savvy storage expanding features for cabinets and kitchen cupboards.

Given that families tend to use many different items in the kitchen, when creating a transitional design that can flow easily into a living or family room, it is helpful to appoint a primary storage space for the most commonly used tools. This is an easily accessible area where you can quickly snag your favorite pots and pans, glasses, serving spoons and cooking seasonings.

And to help families keep everything straight, cabinetry manufacturers have found ingenious ways to improve organization and storage with systems that incorporate shelves and compartments with the ability to unfold, turn, extend, and slide.

This is important when designing a kitchen with the intent to become part of the primary living space, as it provides for future evolution in function as well as form. Flexible design schemes include:

  • Low cabinets that accommodate features like a second dishwasher, under-counter refrigerator or even a compact wine cooler.
  • Space for items like a freestanding desk that can extend the purpose of the kitchen.
  • Partitioned drawers that can hold items from other rooms like office tools and toys.

Multi-layered Textures

Texture-on-texture will become the modern version of deliberate design contrasting. However, this does not involve mixing and matching different textures. Rather, designers will achieve this look by repositioning the same texture in different patterns throughout the kitchen or bathroom.

For example, a designer could finish the same cabinets four different ways for an aesthetic that is striking yet harmonious. It shows thoughtful attention to detail and an elevated level of creativity.

2016’s Most Dazzling Design Ideas

2016’s Most Dazzling Design Ideas

Distinctly Different Eras Dominate

Ironically, heading into 2016, the vibrant decades of the 1960s and 1980s are poised to lead the way in kitchen and bathroom design.

1960s modern style, also referred to as Nordic, highlights simplicity and functionality. In order to achieve this minimalist aesthetic, designers should select light wood textures for cabinets and predominantly white color palettes overall, as well as banish all evidence of clutter. Think clean lines and wide open spaces.

While you may remember the 1980s as a cringe-worthy era bursting with plastic and gaudy finishes, the 2016 version is significantly more refined and elegant. Natural materials for kitchen cupboards and bathroom wall cabinets, along with subtle finishes like brass and satin, will tone down high-gloss surfaces and mirrored backsplashes.

2016 is ripe with the promise of fresh creativity and a real chance to have some fun with your new kitchen or bathroom, or remodel project. With careful research and preparation, and the expertise of a skilled consultant, you can stay up-to-date with the trends while overseeing the manifestation of a design scheme that sets your home apart from all others.

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