Due to its status as a neutral color, white is often dismissed as bland. However, white has staying power; its popularity for use in kitchen design schemes has stood the test of time. And in recent years, white kitchen cabinets have consistently outranked all other colors among consumer preference.

While its appeal may not be obvious to some people at first, white has a quiet power. It is bright and fresh, and provides a clean canvas upon which accent colors can sparkle. Psychologically speaking, white invokes feelings of happiness.

So, how can you use white’s heavenly aura to make your new kitchen or remodel stand out? It just takes some creativity and design expertise.

Add Pops of Color

Whether you are seeking a classic or avant-garde feel, sprinkling in splashes of color can elevate the overall aesthetic.

baby's breath -Add pops of color to your white kitchen.

Add pops of color to your white kitchen.

Cabinets painted in either vibrant or soft shades of various colors add serious impact to an otherwise all-white kitchen, as they tend to take up the most space. And because color is so flexible, it can work with any cabinet design you desire. Paint all of the kitchen cabinets for an intense look, just the upper or lower cabinets for a moderate effect or paint each cabinet a different color for a whimsical feel. You could even take a distinctly unique approach and paint the interior of the cabinets.

Countertops offer another prime opportunity to jazz up your white kitchen. While granite and marble have gained popularity in recent years, a countertop painted to complement the overall design scheme can be stunning. You can choose to go bold with lively colors like sunny yellow or vivid turquoise, or subtle with quiet colors like blush pink or navy blue.

Keep your head up or your feet on the ground with a ceiling or floor that displays a color. Painting the ceiling is easy in that it does not require navigating around cabinets or appliances, and it makes an immediate impression upon entering the kitchen. A colored floor, especially in an unconventional shade like green, is a refreshing way to add color to any room. If you are not completely committed to the idea of a colored floor, you can always test drive the concept with a well-placed rug or two.

Use Variations of White

A well-orchestrated symphony of varying shades of white in tone-on-tone patterns will infuse your kitchen with depth. And gray can be considered a variation of white, providing you with yet another option. For example, you could create a color palette that uses similar shades of warm whites paired with warm grays.

Textures will also take your white-on-white design scheme far. With design elements ranging from kitchen cabinets to backsplash, your options are plentiful. An all-wood cabinet design in different textures serves to frame the cabinets and highlight the white elements, transforming the cabinets into a beautiful centerpiece.

A marble backsplash in cool whites and grays makes a powerful statement in tandem with kitchen cupboards valances featuring gothic details and a beadboard ceiling. There is also stainless steel, which is a perfect complement to white. Add a bit of modern flair to your classic white kitchen with appliances in stainless steel or fixtures in various metals like bronze and nickel.

AM-134 - Kitchen by Arbor Mills

Kitchen by Arbor Mills

Add Depth with Built-Ins

Built-ins lend a multi-faceted feel to all-white kitchens without requiring multiple color schemes. And just about any piece in the kitchen can support a built-in cabinet design.

Not all kitchen islands are created alike, and a built-in island offers many benefits. Its cabinets provide extra storage space, as well as more counter, seating and dining space. And since it is accessible from all four sides, multiple cooks can reach stored items with greater ease while preparing meals together.

A well-designed built-in hutch can become a piece of artwork in your kitchen. Details like intricate glass windows and apothecary drawers harmonize to elevate the aesthetic into one of refinement. And built-in wall cabinets instantly add elegance by virtue of their design, subtly laid into the wall, much like a painting.

With its neutral palette, white offers infinite possibilities for a kitchen that is far from boring. In fact, if designed with the help of a skilled expert, a white kitchen can leave a lasting impression for family and guests alike.

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