While for many years the kitchen was viewed as a place of industry, a room in which to carry on the business of cooking and serving meals, in recent years it has transformed into a vital living area – and with transitional kitchens becoming a trend, many families now consider it the heart of the home.

As a result, homeowners are devoting more thought than ever to the amenities they desire in their kitchen, beyond which finish to use on their kitchen cabinets. In fact, these days, even the cabinets themselves offer a wealth of different design and organizational ideas.

Choosing from the plentiful and diverse selection of amenities can seem almost overwhelming, but a little guidance can turn it into a fun and exciting endeavor to undertake. Below, learn about some standout amenities that may just become must-have design elements for your kitchen.

Ground Level Storage

Savvy homeowners have broadened their perspective on storage for dinnerware and serving dishes by storing these items in pull-out drawers in base kitchen cabinets, versus trying to cram everything into upper kitchen cupboards. This design facilitates swift and easy serving, as all dishes are immediately visible courtesy of the pull-out drawers; no items are hidden behind stacks of plates or bowls.

Nine Absolutely Essential Kitchen

Utensil organization systems keep items neat and tidy for quick and convenient access.

Stay Organized

Speaking of features that make it a cinch to keep items neat and tidy, utensil organization systems are a godsend for kitchen drawers. A custom cabinet maker can build the systems right into drawers; it is not necessary to buy them separately and risk an imperfect fit. Let your designer know exactly where in the drawers you would like to place specific items, and they will devise ingenious ways of bringing your vision to life. Multi-layered drawers further enhance the organizational aspect, allowing for division according to category – for example, baking utensils in one layer, cooking tools in the second and serving spoons in the third.

Double the Dishwasher

When it comes to the dishwasher, two drawers are definitely better than one. Two-drawer dishwashers have gained popularity in recent years because they facilitate quicker clean-up while helping to keep sinks and counters free of dirty dishes. Designed with one drawer stacked on top of the first, they also work with limited square footage. Some homeowners have taken this trend further and installed a second dishwasher to load one batch while washing another.

Perfect Pairing

Multiplying by two makes sense when it comes to what happens before clean-up, as well. For homeowners who enjoy entertaining, double ovens offer an easy way to balance cooking and preparation times for multiple dishes. Additionally, there is no need to worry about one oven being too cool or too hot for the next item, as each oven operates as its own separate appliance.

Keep It Moving

A mobile prep cabinet is a double threat: it increases food preparation and serving space while improving the flexibility of your kitchen layout. A built-in butcher block top makes it suitable for slicing and dicing everything from vegetables to meat, and it can be pushed back into its intended resting place between uses.

Park Those Appliances

Cooking utensils and appliances like toasters and coffee pots are rarely desired as a deliberate part of kitchen décor. Appliance garages, which conceal these items behind cabinets designed for this purpose, can be created one of two ways. Traditionally, they have been built with a tambour-style door that lifts up to reveal a shelf that pulls out, allowing easy access to the appliances. However, the modern interpretation involves extending cabinetry straight across the wall instead of installing a corner cabinet.

Pantry Pizazz

Imagine the impact of a wall in your kitchen swinging open to reveal a walk-in pantry behind your built-in oven or fridge. People instinctively appreciate and enjoy unique features and special surprises, plus this particular element gives the illusion that the wall has been custom designed. A walk-in pantry also immediately boosts square footage and storage space – serving both form and function.

Handsfree Faucet

Handsfree Faucet

Hands-Free Faucet

Discreetly installed plumbing pedals allow you to operate faucets while keeping messy hands away from fixtures. A skilled plumber can incorporate pedals into an existing layout or include them in an original design. When done well, pedals can be tucked beneath kitchen cabinets for a subtle addition that will prove – no pun intended – quite handy.

Built-In Barista

Coffee lovers take note: built-ins are not limited to drawers and shelves. When tucked between upper and lower cabinets, a high-end coffee maker with several spouts becomes an elegant coffee bar, within easy reach for that essential wake-up cup of java. Conserve space and use one of the surrounding cabinets to store coffee grounds, pods, filters and the sweetener of your choice.

Achieving your dream kitchen does not require a major overhaul or serious cash flow. By incorporating a number of select amenities customized to your needs and desires, you can transform your kitchen into a room you will cherish for many years to come.

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