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Our Story

Arbor Mills Custom Cabinetry has been family owned and operated for over 60 years serving the greater Chicagoland area and exclusive high-end clientele throughout the country. Our distinctive customers rely on our unique team of master craftsmen, designers, and engineers who are dedicated to handcrafting the ultimate in custom cabinetry.

Without exception, each cabinet piece we create meets the high quality, innovation and creative expectations set by the home owner, custom builder, and interior designer. Each project offers an unrepeatable history; a personalized product able to master the most peculiar requirements.

Arbor Mills is an example of family business able to evolve without altering its nature, able to invest on its individuality and the ability to create a personalized product with thoughtful and functional design. Using our products each day becomes a reminder of the craft of man.

Our secret? The passion for beauty and the will to always satisfy our client. In one word, our identity is integrity – inspiring you is our ultimate goal.

“Beautiful and useful products return your design investment in the manner they repay you through use. The interaction should be observed both ways. This interaction has its own aesthetic.”